PK 188: Deep Dive into the Journey of an Animator

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Sand is known to the other Evolvers as having a unique ability for keeping the live homework rooms always full of energy and she did not disappoint in this interview!

We covered a lot of ground in this episode talking about education, life as a working professional and the passion and drive it takes to make it as a full-time creative.

For me, the big insight from Sand was exploring those who choose art as a career vs those who create art for a hobby. I was never able to understand why people who were ‘better’ than I was at art would choose what seemed to me like a career path that would be unfulfilling, but Sand helped me to really understand why this is, and it completely makes sense.

For some of us the goal is creative expression but that is just our goal, and each person has their own goals an motivations… for example if your goal is safety, security and high pay, then choosing a creative career could seem really scary compared to other options.

To put it another way… there are a lot of people who enjoy singing and playing instruments who have no intention of ever being in a band or performing. This doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy music and even be amazingly skilled at it – it’s just that their goals and priorities aren’t in alignment with being a professional musician.


07:45 – Accidentally walked into a workshop on animation which completely set Sand on a new direction

08:22 – What parents really think when you tell them you want to pursue a creative path

09:40 – What the animation college taught Sand, and how she filled in the gaps with her education

11:50 – Physical depression from not making art

12:20 – The dark side of college (designed to take your money)

17:19 – 5 Second shorts and becoming an artist who loves the craft so much they desire to learn everything they can about it

19:48 – Why it’s so important to create your own projects and do the work you most want to do

22:40 – Why travel and networking is so important for artists, especially those wanting to work in the entertainment industries

26:23 – What pushed you to start with Evolve?

41:00 – Exploring the idea that artists absolutely must create (or risk extreme unhappiness)

45:56 – What is your strategy for getting your artwork done?

51:00 – Why there aren’t any shortcuts in art – at some point you have to lean in and earn the experience

55:00 – What advice would you give to someone who just started with Evolve today?

59:00 – Exploring the difference between the creative path and other less creative ways of living *This question was a real eye-opener for me personally to help explain why us creatives do what we do, and why people who have high creative skill don’t end up doing anything with it.

1:06:48 – The best part about making art is that you don’t lose out when you make art

1:07:39 – Best places to find Sand online:

@sandmcunicorn – industry-specific

@pudgypudymcunicorn – Youtube, twitch and hobbies and philosophy

@spookymcunicorn – horror and macabre


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