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for Artists of All Skill Levels

Join thousands of artists already learning from the courses, live workshops and private community.

Learn From Artists That Have Worked At the World’s Best Studios

Here’s What You Can Learn


Art Fundamentals

The fundamentals are broken down in a fun, visual and easy to understand way so you can get up to speed on the basics fast.


Traditional Drawing

The drawing lessons take you even further by using the pencil to start creating your own stunning artwork. Read More…


Digital Painting & Photoshop

Take your work to a whole new level by going digital, adding color and exploring the exciting world of art on the computer.

As Seen in Imagine FX Magazine

Our unique model allows you to access expert level training from anywhere in the world without the high costs associated with attending college or university. Imagine FX Magazine caught up with us to get the inside story on the instructors behind the courses and how we’re bringing high level art education to anyone that wants to learn.

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Learn All the Skills You Need to Become a Professional

Video Art Courses Matched Perfectly for You

  • It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced professional. By following along with an expert artist you’ll see and hear exactly how the work is created so you can understand everything clearly.
  • Members can choose from over 70 different courses spanning over 500 individual videos to find the perfect video depending on your interest and skill level.
  • Each month new courses and videos are added based on feedback from the community so you’re sure to get the training that’s going to make the most to you personally.
See How It Works

In-Depth Video Courses

Over 40 video courses are broken up into individual units so that you can easily find the exact lesson that you need when you want to learn something.

Group Challenges & Events

Take part in community challenges and exercises. It’s proven that learning with a support network improves your chances of success by over 300%

Track Your Progress

Keep track of which videos you have watched, keep notes on each video, and earn points along the way as you continue to improve your artwork.

Learn New Techniques

Watch over the shoulder of professional artists and see exactly what they are doing with full explanations of each and every step.

Breakthroughs Guaranteed

Take your art to a whole new level by watching how master artists create the results that you’ve always admired but could never quite create on your own.

Get The Support You Need

Connect with other artists inside a private community where you can safely share your work and get feedback from professional artists.

At Pencil Kings You Will Get

Professional Training

Create amazing work by learning the same mindset and techniques that professional working artists from the world’s biggest studios use.

Full Support

Get all the help you need from the Pencil Kings artists as well as the other members inside the private artist community.

Learn the Way You Want

Choose exactly what you want to learn and when.  Members have full access to all 43 courses and all future courses.

Clear Path For Learning

Instead of guessing what you should be focusing on, we’re here to show you exactly what steps to take to improve your artwork.

What Are The Artists Inside Saying?

carol artist testimonial

I loved the drawing the head videos – they helped me a great deal. Before the videos, I had a difficult time placing the ears and nose in the right space. They helped me to put everything in perspective. Thank you. Carol – USA

chuck artist testimonial

I have seen many videos on “How to draw”, But none of them compare to yours. I watched the “How to Draw the Head” video and found it better than any other video on drawing I have seen in the past, and I attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Chuck – USA

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