Stopped Drawing? Here’s How to Start Making Art Again

Stopped Drawing? Here’s How to Start Making Art Again

Are you wondering how to start making art again or trying to figure out where your creative side has gone?

Perhaps you feel guilty about those boxes of pencils and art materials sitting gathering dust in a drawer?

Don’t let your talent become a distant memory – we’ve got some handy hints that’ll show you how to start making art again and have you dusting off your drawing skills and enjoying your artistic talent in no time!

So where did your creativity go to anyway? To understand why your artistic urge took a one-way ticket outta town, we need to go back to the start…

When Life Gets in The Way of Your Art

Picking up a pencil is one of the first things any child does – perhaps you can even remember the first time you did this? It seems the desire to create stuff is with us from an early age and drawing and painting are viewed by many researchers as essential ingredients in everyone’s development.

However, as we get older, that pesky thing called life kinda gets in the way. Those pencils and paints you once cherished sit unloved and gathering dust. How come? It seems many people just outgrow their creative side and focus on other subjects instead.

And it’s not just people who aren’t naturally geared towards art who abandon it either. Some studies have revealed that a large number of people who studied art at college put their brushes away once they’ve finished their course. Sad, huh?

So when did you stop drawing? Do you want to get your creative streak back and learn how to start making art again? Creating stuff can be hugely rewarding, whether done as a hobby or with a commercial goal in mind, so it’s no surprise that in later life, many people want to re-ignite the spark of creativity they enjoyed so much as a child.

It’s not always so easy to get started, though. College work, lack of time, careers, and family life are just some of the reasons people give themselves for not getting back into drawing, but if you’re serious about becoming an artist, it’s time to take action! And, that’s where Pencil Kings can help, as we give you some helpful tips for getting back into art.

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working” – Pablo Picasso.

This quote from the famous Spanish painter probably sums it up best – in order to feel inspired, you need to be creating!

One of the reasons many people give for not exploring their creative side is lack of inspiration, yet it’s probably easier to be inspired now than ever before. It also helps to believe in yourself. Put all those nagging self-doubts about your ability to bed once and for all.

Have fun with your creativity and, really, do not worry about achieving perfection – this is just another of those pesky stumbling blocks we make for ourselves. Fact: Most artists never achieve the perfection they’re looking for – it’s what spurs them on to make even more art!

Take a look through popular sites such as Pinterest, Behance and Deviant Art and subscribe to as many art-related blogs as you like through Feedly or other RSS feeds.

These will provide you with a limitless source of inspiration in every category under the sun and should help you discover how to start making art again.

Can 15 Minutes a Day Really Make a Difference to Your Art Skills?

It may sound like a dodgy sales pitch, but trust us on this one – setting aside just 15 minutes each day really can make a huge difference to your creativity!

So, what are you waiting for? No matter how busy they are, everyone can spare 15 minutes, right?

Begin by just making marks on the paper and let your mind flow freely. We’re not talking perfection here – just let your ideas develop and make these sketches as rough as you like. This is a great technique to help free the mind and release the creative side of you that’s been hiding for too long!

Try this technique for a week and see how you get on. Need inspiration? Check out this great blog Inspiring Sketches. Our hunch is that your creative ‘itch’ will return and inspire you to carry on making art.

How to Start Making Art Again - Get Social!

Still struggling to pick up that pencil and learn how to start making art again? We’ve all been there. It’s one thing deciding to get back into making art again, but it’s quite another to take the plunge. Sometimes, you just need a few supportive words from others to get going.

That’s where our regular community art challenges and workshops can really help. Recently, hundreds of Pencil Kings members took part in our character design intensive course and made amazing progress in just three weeks.

Social media is another great way to meet fellow creatives. There are heaps of artists all over Twitter, Facebook, and just about every other channel you could mention, so don’t be shy – follow them, get to know them, and don’t be afraid to start the conversation!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how supportive other artists can be, and there are all kinds of events to take part in over the year to give you something to work towards.

A great example of this is Inktober, where artists all over the world upload their pen and ink sketches and swap ideas. Don’t worry about feeling like an inexperienced newbie – many of the people who show their work online are just like you.

Remember, it’s not a competition and it’s definitely not an ego trip. It’s just people enjoying their creativity and that ‘punch the air’ feeling that getting back into making art gives  you. Try it – you won’t be disappointed!

Retail Therapy For Getting Back Into Art - Invest in a New Sketchbook!

How about using some retail therapy to kickstart your creativity? Invest in a nice new sketchbook and make sure you only use it for drawing in. Doing this will help you see your drawing as a special part of your life – something uniquely yours that you can take real pride in.

Perhaps you’ll choose a nice Moleskine number or a hardback sketchbook with a funky cover – either way, treating your new sketchbook with pride and care will really help get those creative juices flowing. So, head out to your nearest art or stationery store today and treat yourself – here’s one good example of how retail therapy really can work!

Oh, and don’t forget to take your sketchbook with you wherever you go. You just never know when inspiration will strike, so you’ll want to have everything to hand when it does.

Learn How to Fall in Love With Art Again

Remember the first piece of art that made an impression on you? Wouldn’t it be great to feel that inspired again? Well, a great way to do this is to visit galleries and learn to open your eyes and your heart to art once more. Try visiting a gallery in your lunch break or take a good look at images you see around you – you’ll soon find your love affair with creativity has been rekindled!

Stuck for which art exhibition to go to? Art Rabbit is an awesome guide to art events taking place all over the world. Just enter your location and choose some dates, and you’re away. And, if you’re putting on your own art show, you can even get listed right here!

We hope these tips have helped you pick up your pencils. You might also want to check out this great new podcast with Pencil Kings founder, Mitch Bowler which has already helped lots of people start making art again.

Why not also take a look at some of our free tutorials for some more artistic eye candy? See you soon for more creative awesome sauce!

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