So How Does Pencil Kings Work?


First, We Find Professional Artists to Create the Best Online Art Courses for You


Because each artist is hand-picked to creates courses based on their strengths, you can be sure you’re always getting the best training.

We work with our artists to create courses that our members are asking for.
This means you’ll always be able to add something new and exciting to your training library!

PK_Lion_new_member_v1Then, Every Month, You Get Access to Two Fresh New Courses

Once the instructor finishes their course, it goes into our video editing studio.

Here, we separate the course into different parts so it’s easier to watch in segments.

This also helps you keep track of your progress.

During editing, we also make sure the audio levels are correct, so you can clearly hear what is being taught.

You’ll also be able to see all of the action in each lesson really clearly, because we zoom right in on all the close-up detail.

While You’re Learning, You Can Safely Post Your Work Inside

the Pencil Kings Private Artist Community


Feel confident knowing your work is going to be seen by the people that want to help you succeed and improve, while also being hidden from the general public.

Pencil Kings is the perfect training ground where you can try out new ideas and experiments while you are building your confidence before you decide to post your portfolio for the entire Internet to see.



Everyone knows that you advance much faster when you’re able to share your ideas and get feedback. That’s what the Pencil Kings Community is all about – a supportive network of fellow artists who are there to help you get the best results from your art.

Feel free to get in touch with Mitch or Chris and have an experienced artist look over your work. We’ll be more than happy to give you guidance on what your next steps should be and answer any questions.




Ready to Become a Better Artist?