PK 189: The Future of Art Education with Mike Mattesi of

PK 189: The Future of Art Education with Mike Mattesi of 2 PK 189 Drawing Force 750x440 1

This episode was originally recorded in early 2018 and has just been released. In this episode, Mike Mattesi and Mitch explore different ideas for the future of art education, how to focus and how niching-down can lead to becoming world-renowned.


2:00 – What’s new at

4:00 – Thinking forward to using VR in the classroom and teaching his method without being in the same classroom

7:30 – A business idea for the evolution of model photography and reference for artists

10:10 – Where are you seeing students having the most success in the ‘new’ virtual format of distance learning

18:18 – The challenge of millennials and motivation

25:00 – The fear of going niche vs trying to do everything

27:35 – Using style to really stand out as an artist

32:00 – The idea of being a world-renowned artist and focusing on just one thing

35:20 – How to accomplish the most important things in your life when you have a big list of things to accomplish

38:30 – Laserbeams vs floodlights in drawing, art, and life


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