PK 190: Artist Business Insights with Suzanne Redmond of the Left Brain Artist Podcast

PK 190: Artist Business Insights with Suzanne Redmond of the Left Brain Artist Podcast 2 PK 190 Suzanne Redmond 750x440 1

Suzanne Redmond has been interviewing artists for the Left Brain Artist Podcast just like we do with the Pencil Kings show and in this episode of the show she comes on to share a lot of the wisdom she has gained.

Formerly being an accountant, Suzanne brings an interesting voice to the creative conversations because she has the business background that when combined with artists can see things in a different light.

You’ll learn from 3 separate stories Suzanne has discovered where artists are using to live more creatively, as well as how she approached the huge project of getting her podcast off the ground and how you can use the same framework for any project you would like to start.



0:30 – Why Instagram is so good for artists

1:30 – Where the idea for the Left Brain Artist podcast came from and how Suzanne went from being an accountant to getting heavily involved with artists

5:32 – Suzanne’s excellent mini artist-business episodes

9:34 – What are some of the big insights you’ve had from your interviews that you can share with the Pencil Kings audience?

9:50 – How to get back into art by setting a goal to make one piece of 7 days

12:01 – Thinking outside the box to come up with creative ways to overcome financial challenges as an artist

14:04 – Finding other ways to generate income with your art other than simply selling what is on the canvas

17:30 – How changing your thoughts on what you can sell can lead to new, more lucrative ideas

23:27 – How to break into new types of art (for example doing murals) by collaborating with or simply helping out other artists by offering to be an assistant

24:34 – Overcoming the challenges of taking on a big personal project and in the process becoming an expert in the process

34:00 – When you’re approaching a project you’ve never done before how do you estimate and plan your time?


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