PK 191: 3 Simple Steps to Start Your Art Career

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This interview with Catherine Orer from was like a rapid-fire Question and Answer session all around the topic of how do you take the next steps to build a viable art career. You’ll also learn how artists make the process harder than it needs to be so you can get onto the fast track instead of being stuck.

If you feel like you aren’t making progress OR if you’ve always wondered what your next step should be – listen up because it’s all covered in this interview!

Catherine helps artists all over the world develop their entrepreneurial strategy which goes far beyond just selling their art. She works with artists on their long term vision and then helps them to turn that vision into reality.

One idea that has come up several times in past interviews is ‘going all-in’ on your art. While that may be the fastest way, it’s certainly not the only way. Going all-in makes sense when you have a clear vision, a proven plan and the support network to make it all happen. However, without those key pieces it can be a tough road and as you’ll hear – it’s completely OK to take it slower.

If you’re just starting out here are your next 3 action steps, starting at 21:38:

  • Get a consistent body of work
  • Figure out what your story is
  • Look at who is around you and start surrounding yourself with the right people who can support your vision and journey



2:50 – How artists have a blind spot that is keeping them back from being able to make forward progress

5:00 – How to start challenging everything you do, so you can start getting different results

6:40 – The biggest hurdles that keep artists from growing

9:20 – What roadblocks to we are artists create for ourselves to prevent us from being able to really ‘lean in’ to the life that we want

14:45 – Why treating your art like you treat your day job often leads to poor results

15:35 – Why artists are so good at making their journey into a confusing mess

17:40 – The difference between creative and technician work

21:38 – What are the first steps for someone to take who has never sold or shown any of their work, but aspires to grow as an artist

31:20 – How to explain your story as an artist, and what to do if you think you have nothing interesting to say

37:00 – Quick recap of the 3 action items to take the next step with your art career

38:54 – Details on Catherine’s upcoming workshop on March 14: “How to grow your art business in 2019 without sacrificing your creative practice”


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Simon Sinek: Start with Why –
The Artist’s Way Julia Cameron:


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**March 14th, 2019 Workshop:


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