PK 183: Evolve Artist Community Review – Meet Evolve Community Superstar Peggy Durant

PK 183: Evolve Artist Community Review – Meet Evolve Community Superstar Peggy Durant 2 PK Podcast 183 Evolve Peggy Durant 750x440 1

Meet Peggy Durant – Community Superstar and student at Evolve Artist:

Peggy is on a great path and people are starting to take notice of her amazing artistic progress, but it wasn’t always like this.

About a year ago she had fallen off with her art practice and went for 8 months with doing very little. As good as her original intentions were; life can just seem to get in the way.

And her 4 hour daily commute to work doesn’t help… at 5 days a week that’s 20 hours spent just on commuting. It’s the equivalent of having a second job just so she could get to her full time job.

Time was tight and it was looking like Evolve was going to be just another art program that sounded good, but ended up just sitting in the corner collecting dust.

Up until this point Peggy’s story was just like so many other aspiring artists.

Something happens and they put the pencil down for a day… which turns into a week… which turns into a month and before they know it – an entire year has gone by and they are in exactly the same position they were 12 months ago – being no more closer to fulfilling their dreams of being an artist.

But thankfully Peggy’s story doesn’t stop here…

After 8 months of inaction there was a spark… a simple question in the form of a challenge.

Could she finish her homework assignments faster than another student?

That’s it – just a friendly race to the finish line.

But the real change had to come from within. The change happened when, “I’d like to learn to be an artist,” was replaced with “I’m going to be an artist.”

That’s all it took to ignite the spark.

However even though Peggy had made the decision to commit to her art, the world didn’t take notice. The people around here still weren’t convinced that she would make any progress, and her co-workers didn’t notice anything different.

So she got to work and after getting a little momentum she found her art was filling a void formerly crowded with activities that used to eat up all her time like shopping and going for social activities.

All of a sudden she had more time for art than those other activities, and the even bigger shift was that she was getting so much energy from doing her art she didn’t want to stop.

She just kept going making as much progress as she could while still taking the 4 hours each day to get to and from her full-time job.

It didn’t take long for her internal fire to start burning bright as her dedication began to pay off. She could see her results and was enjoying her art at a deeper level with each assignment completed.

And then the people around her started to notice as well. Her daughter came around and said “Mom, now I believe it – you are an artist” and her co-workers are in disbelief at her new skills which seemed to just magically come from nowhere… one of them even wants to commission her!

But these skills didn’t just magically appear one day… it’s simply what Peggy loves to do and all it took was a little bit of an initial push to rediscover how much she really loves art so that she could get to the point to make the commitment to herself – to finally do this and turn a lifelong love and dream into a new reality for herself.

This is just the beginning of Peggy’s story… she had never picked up a paint brush (not even to paint a wall!) just 2 months before, and now she is currently working on painting her first portrait.

It’s true – Peggy is a star inside the community and her personality and enthusiasm make her unique… but when it comes to her art she is seeing the same results as the other students in the Evolve Artist program were anyone can follow the same step by step process to see the same transformation as Peggy.

And it all started with a little bit of action.

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If you know someone who has always dreamed of being an artist like Peggy, we invite them to visit where we help regular people develop the skills and experience to create anything they want without limitation.

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