PK 187: Finding Bliss While Learning to Paint with Jan from Evolve

PK 187: Finding Bliss While Learning to Paint with Jan from Evolve 2 PK 187 learning to paint portraits 750x440 1

Jan rediscovered her love of art when she found some old paints at a garage sale. The last time she had done any art was when she was 6 years old and took an art class for a month.

Those newly acquired paints brought art back into Jan’s life, but even though she was enjoying learning to paint on her own she wanted the mentorship and system to follow to take things to a whole other level to really see how far she could go with her art.

That’s when she first heard about the Evolve program, but like many people, she believed that the program was too good to be true.

She thought it was silly to think of herself as a more serious artist, and that’s when her husband encouraged her to go for it.

Since starting, Jan has been flying through the program and hasn’t looked back.


In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How she’s able to always find time for her art
  • Why she was reluctant to show her art to the other students
  • How painting gives Jan a blissful feeling that keeps her motivated and moving forward


1:20 – What did your art study look like before the program?

3:50 – How did you get back into art?

5:20 – Jan heard about Evolve but thought it was too good to be true

6:25 – Why Jan almost didn’t sign up

8:05 – What does your family think of your work now?

10:27 – Explaining the bliss feeling that comes when making art

12:30 – What Jan is looking forward to painting

14:40 – When you’re not making art, how are you spending your time?

15:30 – What is your strategy for getting things done?

23:30 – What do to if you think you have no time

24:47 – What would you tell someone who just started with Evolve to inspire them?

29:10 – Why were you reluctant to share your work?


Are you interested in learning to paint together with Jan and Mitch?

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