PK 210: Finding Joy Through Art

Tara RoskellTara Roskell is a freelance graphic designer and co-founder of Kick in the Creatives. She helps small businesses elevate their brands with the use of eye-catching graphics, expert logo designs, online video courses, and more. Tara has over 25 years of experience in the graphic design industry, and she has worked with both national and international clients.

Sandra BusbySandra Busby is a still-life artist and the co-founder of Kick in the Creatives. She has gained recognition for her work on glass and reflective surfaces, winning multiple awards for her traditional oil paintings. Along with Tara Roskell, Sandra is using her platform to encourage other artists to build a creative habit with Kick in the Creative’s monthly challenges.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Tara Roskell and Sandra Busby describe their individual backgrounds in art 
  • How Tara and Sandra met, and what inspired them to start their creative challenges
  • The benefits of receiving and giving criticism with an artist that you trust 
  • Tara and Sandra’s advice for artists and creatives who feel stuck in a rut
  • We are not born as artists; instead, we learn how to be good at art
  • Embracing the childhood mindset of having fun and experimenting with your art
  • How to overcome the need to compare your craft, and just start creating
  • Tara and Sandra discuss the purpose of their podcast and website, Kick in the Creatives

In this episode…

Art is art. It is messy, asymmetrical, innovative, and a reflection of the heart. Yet, most artists strive for perfection, constantly comparing themselves to those around them. According to artists Tara Roskell and Sandra Busby, these expectations and comparisons will only hold you back. Tara and Sandra believe that the beauty of art stems from letting yourself go and having fun with your creativity. 

In this episode of the Pencil Kings podcast, host Mitch Bowler interviews Tara Roskell and Sandra Busby, co-founders of Kick in the Creatives, about what drove them to join minds and create their monthly challenges for artists in their community. Tara and Sandra highlight how to get out of an artistic rut, why you should befriend an artist that you trust, and the importance of regaining your childlike fascination with the world. Stay tuned.

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