PK 209: Three Years Growing on Instagram & What I Learned

Donna Adi

Donna Adi is a mixed media illustrator and the creative director for her brand. She is well known for her unique and recognizable style of illustration, which takes its inspiration from celebrity culture and has garnered her over 190k followers on Instagram. Over the past three years, Donna has worked on a variety of creative fashion and beauty campaigns, collaborating with clients ranging from Barbie to Dior to Nike.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Donna Adi talks about growing a following on such a saturated platform like Instagram
  • Should you play by the rules of the algorithm?
  • How Donna learned to be vulnerable and why she stopped comparing herself to others
  • Taking time for yourself in order to boost happiness and avoid burnout
  • Donna’s tips for getting out of a creative slump
  • The benefits of treating your success like a marathon rather than a sprint
  • Donna Adi breaks down the process of learning a new platform, from YouTube to Tik Tok

In this episode…

What do you love about your art? Does it still bring you happiness, or have you fallen into the pitfall of comparison? Whether your art is loved by millions or just a few friends, the most important aspect of being a creator is creating something you are proud of. For Donna Adi, a renowned mixed media illustrator, it took some time to stop seeing other artists’ success as her failure. Now, she finds happiness creating art both for herself and for her 190k Instagram followers.

In this week’s episode of Pencil Kings, host Mitch Bowler interviews Donna Adi about the creative and mental process behind her well-known mixed media illustrations. Donna talks about what she learned from growing her Instagram following to almost 200k, how she stopped comparing herself to others, and why she takes time every day to do something she loves. Stay tuned.

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