PK 200: What I Learned from 4 Years of Interviewing Artists, with Youngman Brown, Host of Your Creative Push Podcast.

Youngman Brown

Youngman Brown is the creator of Your Creative Push Podcast, where he interviews artists from all walks of life to tell their story and how they pursue the art they love. He has aired 350 episodes since the culmination of his project and has motivated hundreds of individuals to be creative in their own way. Youngman hopes to create an environment where artists can grow and connect with their fellow creatives.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Youngman discusses some of the recurring trends and/or struggles artists deal with on a daily basis?
  • Youngman talks about the lack of community in the art space and the importance of making an effort to create personal connections
  • The challenge of building a community of personal connections after school
  • Youngman talks about getting back into writing and the importance of doing something that fulfills you
  • Why Youngman decided to use Youtube as his additional platform

In this episode…

The art we choose to pursue has a way of breaking down walls and creating opportunities to connect with others. Art connects our community, and in the midst of a pandemic, we realize that taking the time to learn new things and building a community is an important part of being human existence. And Youngman Brown has made it his duty to help artists connect with each other, to build a community, and he wants to share inspiring stories of the many different artists who make up the vibrant world of art.

Join Mitch Bowler in this episode of the Pencil King Show as he talks with Youngman Brown, the host of Your Creative Push Podcast, about the various artists he has had the privilege of speaking with, the importance of community in the art space, and the most common struggles of artists on a daily basis. They also talk about Youngman’s podcast, his journey back to writing, and why he decided to embrace Youtube as a new platform for his passion and advocacies. Stay tuned.

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