PK 199: How to Pursue Art Wherever You Live

PK 199: How to Pursue Art Wherever You Live 1 mitch bowler

Mitch Bowler is an artist and he is the founder of Pencil Kings, a company that helps artists hone their skills and develop their craft. He is also the co-founder of Evolve Artist Training, a program meant to help creatives develop their professional art skills. Mitch has worked for more than two decades with various artists and has worked behind the scenes for companies such as Pixar, Activision, Marvel, and Dungeons and Dragons.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Mitch Bowler recalls growing up without mentors but having a true passion for the arts
  • How Mitch approaches mentorship and why it’s important to guide budding artists
  • Mitch talks about what drew him to create Pencil Kings
  • The three categories of people who want to further their art skills
  • How Pencil King helps artists grow and develop their art style

In this episode…

Taking the time to hone your art skill without the right resources can be extremely difficult. While there are plenty of guides and manuals on how to draw, finding the proper structure that compliments your learning style and furthers your skill is what Mitch Bowler aims to do. And this is exactly why he founded Pencil Kings, to help young artists embrace and enhance their artistic ability and open up doors for them in the colorful world of the arts.

Join Mitch Bowler, host of the Pencil Kings podcast, as he talks about his journey and his passion for the arts with John Corcoran of Rise25. Mitch talks about growing up without mentors but still being able to find ways to further his craft, why he’s so intent on transforming art education, and how people can pursue art wherever they are with whatever means they have. Stay Tuned. 

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