PK 198: Should You Pay for Art Education?

PK 198: Should You Pay for Art Education? 1 mitch bowler

Mitch Bowler is an artist and he is the founder of Pencil Kings, a company that helps artists hone their skills and develop their craft. He is also the co-founder of Evolve Artist Training, a program meant to help creatives develop their professional art skills. Mitch has worked for more than two decades with various artists and has worked behind the scenes for companies such as Pixar, Activision, Marvel, and Dungeons and Dragons.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Mitch Bowler talks about his passion for the arts and how it led to his business
  • The role of a mentor in developing a person’s skills and talent
  • Mitch shares his philosophy on accountability and the role it plays for aspiring artists
  • The importance of using the right tools when training natural talent

In this episode…

What was the first thing you remember drawing? Was it a toy truck, your parents, or scribbles left up to interpretation? Perhaps you continued to draw to gain experience in one of the most diverse industries? Or maybe you didn’t like your art and decided to focus on other things until you found yourself wanting to explore your creative prowess? Regardless of the reason, you have decided to pursue art in its many mediums, and choosing which one to go for may be a bit confusing. Mitch Bowler hopes to help solve these questions of what to do next and how you should learn and include the lessons you learn in art into your professional space. 

Join Mitch Bowler, host of the Pencil Kings podcast, as he talks about his journey and passion for the arts with John Corcoran of Rise25. Tune in as Mitch discusses the different avenues for people to learn and hone their skills and talents in the arts, the importance of using the right tools, and how having a mentor can be a big boost to aspiring artists.

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