How to Draw an Eye | 06 |Eye Expressions

drawing eye expressions neutral expression sketch

Want to learn more about drawing eye expressions?

Start off with drawing the basic eye in a relaxed expression like the example above. From here you’re going to be adjusting the eyes to get a variety of different eye expressions.

draw realistic eyes angry eyes drawing

Drawing Anger, Frustration or Annoyed Eyes

To achieve these expressions you can simply adjust the inner part of the eyebrow by dropping it lower.

how to draw eyes fear in eyes sketch

Drawing Fearful or Concerned Eyes

Once you’ve grasped the basics of drawing eye expressions, you can use this to create all kinds of emotions!

Take the inner part of the eyebrow and this time instead of dropping it lower; raise it up to get the desired expression. Add some creases in the skin between the eyebrows to heighten the expression.

how to draw eyes shocked expression

Drawing Shock and Surprised Eyes

The key to drawing eye expressions is to show more of the white of the eyeball by opening the eyelids. You will also want to raise the eyebrows as the skin slides over the eye sockets.

how to draw angry eyes finished sketch

Drawing Angry Eyes #2

This expression will have a different look for each eye. The first eye will have the brow lowered, while the second eye will open the eyelids a little more and also raise out the outer edge of the eyebrow.

how to draw crossed eyes quick sketch

Another Way to Quickly Change the Expression

By changing the direction that the eyes are looking is another was to quickly change the expression.

draw realistic eyes different directions drawing


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