Posing Your Character | 05 |How to Pose the Female Figure Part 2

draw cartoon female characters rough sketch

How to Draw Cartoon Female Characters: Drawing the Pecs

We hope you’ve enjoyed the lessons on how to draw cartoon female characters so far.

Just like when you are drawing the chest of the male character, it’s best if you first define the pectoral muscles on your female characters.

The Pecs are indeed larger on the male, but the basic shape and purpose of the muscle is the same for both men and women.

In this example you can see how the pecs are anchored to the shoulder area, and that because the shoulders are raised up a bit in this pose, the pecs are also being stretched.

Adding Circles to the Pecs of Your Female Figure

You’ll have to look (or watch) closely to see how this image differs from the previous one.

After the pecs have been defined, it’s now time to draw some circles on the pecs where the breasts will be anchored.

draw a cartoon girl adding breasts

how to draw pin up girls refining pose

Finishing the Breasts

For the next part of this lesson on how to draw cartoon female characters, use the circles from the last step, and then draw a dome shape coming out from each of them to finally form the breast shapes.

After drawing the domes, take a moment to further define them with a horizontal and vertical curved line that divides the breast into four sections so that you can really understand the three dimensional shape.

Finish the Pose with Hair and a Second Arm

Hair is covered in another lesson series, but you can finish off this drawing by adding a little bit of hair.

Remember to take into account how the hair is interacting with the post of the character.

For example, you can see that her shoulder is raised, and if the hair is resting on the shoulder it should also be affected.

The last thing to add is another hand on the far side of the body.

drawing cartoon characters adding hair

While you could skip drawing this hand because it could technically be hidden by the body from this angle, it’s far better to draw in the second hand.

This will push the asymmetry of your girl and make her a lot more interesting.

Keep this rule about asymmetry in mind whenever you are drawing characters!

You should now have a thorough understanding of how to draw the female figure and how to draw cartoon female characters!