PK 206: Why You Should Make Art Every day

Carol MarineCarol Marine is an artist, having painted 3000 paintings since she began her quest to paint every day. She started painting daily in 2006, creating one small painting each day and posting and auctioning them online. Her work has encouraged others to pursue art and let their creativity shine. Carol is also the author of two books, Daily Painting and 100 Small Paintings. She and her husband have created a community of daily painters with over 1500 members to date.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Carol Marine talks about how she started her daily painting challenge in 2006.
  • How to use technology to connect with your audience and share your art.
  • Carol highlights the struggle of helping artists find their voice.
  • Tips on how to get past your creative block.
  • How do you quantify your art goals?
  • Why learning to love the art that you create is a key component to growing as an artist.
  • What is body memory and how is training your body a part of the artistic process?
  • Who is the right type of person to post on Daily PaintWorks?
  • Why consistency and commitment is important for artists

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is episode…

Art takes time to perfect. It is a slow process that requires dedication, commitment, and the will to try something new. Taking your art to the next level is no small feat, and this is what Carol Marine, artist and daily painter, realized in 2006 as she took up the quest to paint every day.

In this week’s episode of Pencil Kings, Mitch Bowler interviews inspiring artist Carol Marine about how her journey in creating one small painting each day has encouraged others to showcase their own works. She shares her tips on overcoming creative blocks and treating the creation of your art like an obsession, and she also talks about her “aha” moments and getting back to painting after some time away. Stay tuned.

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