PK 207: Up Your Game as a Creative Parent

Ryan RoyRyan Roy is an accountability coach and he is the owner of Justify or Just Do It Coaching which serves clients from all over the world. Ryan is also a speaker and he hosts the podcast, Be the Dad You Wish You Had. He has also authored a book named after his podcast, and he is committed to being a better father and helping others through parenthood. Ryan is heavily involved with his community and builds others up through action plans rather than mere words and the desire to see the next generation thrive.

Ryan is a husband and father of two boys, ages one and seven.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Ryan Roy’s advice for parents that have children who want to pursue a non-traditional path?
  • Ryan talks about the importance of showing interested in your child’s creative outlets.
  • The importance of opening doors and teaching soft skills to help your child grow as a person. 
  • What is the importance of following your passion?
  • How can parents create a dynamic that allows their children to pursue their passion?
  • Ryan explains why it’s important to allow your kids to see how you work and how you live out your own passion.
  • Ryan shares the importance of spending dedicated, quality time with your kids.

In this episode…

Being a parent is a challenging job but it can also be extremely rewarding. You may lose track of your child’s favorite toy or sock, but the quality time you spend with them will far outweigh trivial shortcomings. Helping your child to pursue and develop their passion can open doors to countless possibilities in their lives. Ryan Roy, author and host of Be the Dad You Wish You Had podcast, was raised in a single-parent household. And he says that if there was one takeaway from his childhood that he really holds on to today, it was the importance of spending quality time with your kids and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

In this week’s episode of Pencil Kings, Mitch Bowler talks with fellow podcaster and author of Be the Dad You Wish You Had, Ryan Roy. They discuss how parents can teach their kids to become better people, the importance of showing interest in the activities your child finds captivating, and how you can best support your child in pursuing his passion. Ryan also shares the value of spending time with kids and why it’s important to teach kids the value of process and passion early on. Stay tuned.

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