PK 205: Exploring Creative Side Hustles with Scotty Russell, Perspective Collective

Scotty Russell

Scotty Russell is a podcaster, coach, artist, designer, speaker, and pizza enthusiast. He is the Founder and Creator of Perspective Collective, a company focused on teaching others how to utilize their time and creativity to make their side hustle profitable. Scotty went from working as a graphic designer in his day job to starting his own company using the knowledge he learned as an artist and as an entrepreneur.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Scotty Russell talks about his podcast, Perspective Podcast, and the things that he does with and around it
  • The struggles that Scotty went through before he had the confidence to share his art
  • How Scotty got started as an artist and then as an entrepreneur
  • The importance of having a community to learn and share art and side hustles with
  • Scotty describes his secret sauce for creating his art
  • What tools does an artist need to make it as an entrepreneur?
  • The 3 steps to achieving your goals, and why it’s a good idea to start small and make things manageable

In this episode…

Having a side-hustle can be either liberating or extremely challenging, depending on your mindset and your goals. When your side-hustle has become a significant part of your life, it may be an indication to switch your focus and give it your full attention. Scotty Russell, owner and founder of Perspective Collective, is an excellent example of what happens when life takes an unfortunate turn with your nine to five, but your side-hustle has become its own thing.

In this week’s episode of Pencil Kings, Mitch Bowler talks with fellow pizza enthusiast, artist, and podcaster, Scotty Russell, about the real possibility of turning your side-hustle into a business and how Scotty empowers artists to be entrepreneurs. Scotty also talks about the importance of investing in oneself and knowing what you want, and the 3 things that you need to have to achieve your goals. Stay tuned.

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