PK 202: Quality Over Quantity In Your Art And Life with Liron Yanconsky

PK 202: Quality Over Quantity In Your Art And Life with Liron Yanconsky 1 Liron Yanconsky

Liron Yanconsky is an artist, author, creator, and a watercolor painter. Liron is from Israel and he has started multiple businesses focused on art and health, and it’s his personal mission to inspire several artists to spread and improve their craft without foregoing the quality of their dedication to art. Liron is the owner and founder of Liron Art LLC and Liron Yanconsky Books, both of which are dedicated to spreading and educating people who wish to follow their passion in art.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Liron Yanconsky explains why he considers it his mission to encourage others to pursue their passion in the art
  • When do you realize you need to pursue art?
  • How do you know which medium is best for you and how do you hone your skills?
  • Liron shares his goals for 2020 and why he wants to focus on not being complacent and improving his skills
  • Tips on how to improve the quality of your work and the value of external feedback vs looking for validation
  • Using social media to connect with others and deepening the conversation about art
  • Liron talks about the target audience of his Youtube channel and podcast

In this episode…

What inspires us to follow our passion? And how can our passion change the lives of those around us? Art is one of the most diverse fields of study and exploration, and with so many resources at the tip of your fingers, it becomes easier to dive into your creative pursuits. Liron Yanconsky is an artist and an author, but above all, he is an educator who wishes to encourage others to pursue their passion and grow their craft. 

In this week’s episode of Pencil Kings, Mitch Bowler talks to Liron Yanconsky, founder of Liron Art LLC, and Liron Yanconsky Books where they discuss pursuing art and maintaining the quality of your art. Liron also talks about his passion for the arts, how he created his brand, and why he has chosen to connect with fellow artists and fans through social media. Stay Tuned. 

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