PK 203: Understanding Artistic Identity with Zhiwan Cheung

PK 203: Understanding Artistic Identity with Zhiwan Cheung 1 zhiwan cheung 1

Zhiwan Cheung is a Fulbright Fellow, artist, video storyteller, and freelance web developer. His passion for art and desire to create has led him to connect with artists all over the world to tell their stories and relate art to culture. His art wishes to explore perspective, signs, and the space in which we aim to coexist with each other and nature. Zhiwan is also the host of the Seeing Color Podcast, where he invites other artists to talk about how they express their vision of the world through art as a medium.

Zhiwan earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Cornell University and his Master of Fine Arts degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Zhiwan Cheung  gives an overview of his podcast, Seeing Color, and what he has learned from it 
  • How to talk about class, race, and gender in art?
  • What you need in order to thrive in your space and the importance of considering where you live when doing art
  • The common misconception people have when they enter art school
  • How do you decide on your path after art school?
  • Why Zhiwan says that it’s important to maintain a forward momentum after art school

In this episode…

What does art mean to you? How do you relate to others through conversations around their craft and how culture affects the way we view each other? Zhiwan Cheung, a Fulbright Fellow, podcaster, and artist, dives into what it means to be an artist and what others sacrifice to follow their passion. 

Zhiwan also says that apart from the challenges posed in conversations about art that involves gender, race, and class, there are also many misconceptions about art school and what path to take once you’re done with your art studies.

Join Mitch Bowler in this week’s episode of Pencil Kings as he talks with fellow podcaster and artist,  Zhiwan Cheung, of the Seeing Color podcast, about how to engage in honest conversations about art and about the importance of creating your vision of what you want your art to accomplish. He also talks about how he encourages artists to push beyond the boundaries, the common misconceptions people have about art school, and how to forge your path after you finish your art studies. Stay tuned.

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