PK 218: Creative Authenticity & Composition

Ian RobertsIan Roberts is a trained painter with over 40 years of experience; he first learned alongside his father, a landscape painter, when he was just 10 years old. Ian attended the New School of Art and the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, and he also studied figure painting in Florence, Italy. He has taught workshops on composition and art for more than 25 years and recently transitioned to teaching his lessons online. Ian is also the author of two books, Mastering Composition and Creative Authenticity.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Ian Roberts talks about his rewarding career as both an artist and an art teacher
  • How to overcome judgment in order to embrace artistic expression 
  • The balance between learning foundational skills and developing your personal style
  • Understanding the spirituality of art and the connection between the artist and the viewer
  • Ian shares his strategies for designing engaging compositions
  • Finding the center of interest in a painting using the vertical and horizontal structure
  • The two ways to think about composition: design-driven over subject-driven, and vision-driven over market-driven

In this episode…

Creating art is a journey—one that is fraught with self-discovery, spirituality, and the quest for personal expression. To become a successful artist, you must find the balance between sharpening your skills and letting your artistic style run free. In fact, one might say that no artist is complete without this internal struggle; so how can you create art that is both authentic and skillful? 

Ian Roberts has experienced his own journey of self-discovery while creating his complex yet simple paintings. For him, art is a byproduct of the experience an artist has while connecting to his or her craft. Ian continues to leave his mark on the art world by teaching his students how to connect with their art and discover their unique style, all while developing the skills necessary to succeed.  

In this week’s episode of the Pencil Kings podcast, host Mitch Bowler joins painter Ian Roberts for an in-depth discussion on the value of creative authenticity and personal vision when building a career in art. You don’t want to miss Ian’s expert strategies for designing an engaging composition, determining a painting’s center of interest, and mastering vertical and horizontal structure. Stay tuned.

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