PK 171: How to Unlock Your Creativity With Simple Lifestyle Changes – Interview with Author and Psychiatrist, Dr Srini Pillay.

PK 171: How to Unlock Your Creativity With Simple Lifestyle Changes – Interview with Author and Psychiatrist, Dr Srini Pillay. 2 pk 171 how to unlock your creativity pencil kings podcast

Want to know how to unlock your creativity?

If you’ve ever made any art, you’ll be familiar with the feeling of getting into the ‘flow’ – that creative state of mind where time just seems to melt away and you reach an almost meditative state while drawing or painting.

But have you ever wondered what’s actually going on in your brain while you’re making art? And, is it possible to unlock your creativity and find inspiration more easily just by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle?

In this week’s interview, best-selling author and renowned psychiatrist, Dr Srini Pillay, talks about the research and experiences behind his new book, Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try.

You’ll hear some fascinating insights into what makes us creative and how you can become a sharper thinker in every aspect of your life through harnessing the brain’s ability to wander.

And, if you’ve ever been described as a daydreamer, you’ll discover plenty of easy tips and techniques to help channel this into a powerful force for your creativity.

How to Unlock Your Creativity – Advice From Dr Srini Pillay


There is something in every one of us that is waiting for this motivation to arrive, that is waiting to be moved. Start scribbling if you don’t know what to do and allow this scribbling to continue. Because when new memories arise, novel ideas will also form.” ~ Dr Srini Pillay

Highlights From This Interview:

  • What actually happens in your brain when you make art
  • How to understand and harness the power of creative motivation
  • Why each and every human being has the ability to be creative
  • How to enhance your creative powers through simple daily practices
  • How doodling can actually improve your memory
  • How creativity can help improve the attention span of people with ADHD
  • Why just a 15-minute nap can reboot your brain and boost your creativity

We hope this week’s interview with Dr Srini Pillay helps you learn more about how to unlock your creativity and be inspired by the art you make.

Why not try out some of the techniques described in this interview and let us know if they worked for you? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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