PK 170: How to Live Creatively. Interview With Mixed Media Artist, Tracy Verdugo.

PK 170: How to Live Creatively. Interview With Mixed Media Artist, Tracy Verdugo. 2 pk 170 how to live creatively pencil kings podcast

Want to know more about how to live creatively?

Sometimes, finding the one thing you’re truly passionate about as an artist can be tricky…and having some guidance along the way can really help.

But where should you look to for guidance…and how can you get to that stage in your life when you’re completely satisfied with where you’re at as an artist?

In this week’s interview, mixed media artist, Tracy Verdugo, reveals how she found the courage and the inspiration to develop her career and learn how to live creatively…even though she didn’t decide to follow this path until she was 33.

This journey hasn’t always been easy, and Tracy’s had to overcome many hurdles to get to where she is today…but she’s learned something from each and every experience, whether good or bad.

And now, in this revealing interview, she’s sharing everything she’s learned with you.

How to Live Creatively – Tracy Verdugo’s Journey


“This whole idea that we should be as good as whoever it is next to us is just crazy. If you really want to do something badly enough and you step into it, then you will be taken care of.” ~ Tracy Verdugo

Key Topics in This Interview:

  • What first made Tracy want to become an artist…at the age of 33
  • Why you need to stop comparing your art with others
  • How to silence your inner critic and allow yourself to have fun and experiment
  • How reading and other influences can help you find clarity in your creative career
  • How one opportunity can often open up the doors to others
  • Why finding the right balance between work and making art is so important
  • How to find the strength to go out there and follow your true passion in life

What Are The Secrets of Creativity? Deepak Chopra, a huge influence on Tracy, explains…

We hope this week’s interview with Tracy Verdugo helps you discover more about how to live creatively and find the courage to fulfil your dreams as an artist.

What has helped you most on your creative journey so far? We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave us a comment below!

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