PK 172: How to Break Into Comics: Interview With Michael Dolce, Creator of The Sire.

PK 172: How to Break Into Comics: Interview With Michael Dolce, Creator of The Sire. 2 pk 172 how to break into comics pencil kings podcast

Want to know how to break into comics?

Whether you’ve always wanted to write a graphic novel or illustrate pages for Marvel, DC or any other publishing house, this week’s podcast with Michael Dolce, creator of The Sire, has got the blueprint you need to get your project off the ground.

Having successfully launched numerous titles on Kickstarter and worked with a team of fellow artists over the years, he’s got plenty of experience in the industry and advice to share.

He’s been through all the highs and lows of breaking into the comics industry, from reaching out to publishers and handling rejection through to fine-tuning your passion project and seeing it sell in droves.

And now, in this revealing and insightful interview, he’s sharing his own action plan for success with you.

You’ll learn how he developed the concepts behind his comics and networked with other artists to help bring his projects, such as The Sire, Descendant and many other titles, to life.

And, you’ll also discover how to market yourself as an artist and attract a large following for your work by making sure your art gets seen by the right people.

How to Break Into Comics – Your 3-step Guide From Michael Dolce


“You don’t need a publisher now to be successful. You don’t need the ‘gatekeepers’ any more. You don’t need to worry about the ‘gatekeepers’ any more. ” ~ Michael Dolce

Highlights From This Interview:

  • How to self-publish your comics through funding campaigns on Kickstarter and Patreon
  • Why it’s so important to make others aware of what you’re working on as an artist
  • Why networking is such a huge factor in developing your career as an artist
  • The realities of creating your own comic book and successfully launching your project
  • Why it’s so important to see your art career as a business and think like an entrepreneur
  • How to handle rejection and keep ploughing on regardless
  • Why Mike’s radio show and podcast, Secrets of The Sire, now attracts major-league guests
  • How to find other artists to work with…even if you have no connections

We hope this week’s interview with Michael Dolce helps you learn more about how to break into comics…even if you’re only just starting out as an artist.

Have you got any great ideas for a graphic novel or comic book you’re just itching to get started on? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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