PK 230: How to Make a Board Game

Daniel Piche

Daniel Piche is a data analyst with a background in databases and data visualization. Outside of his day job, Daniel has combined his passion for bringing family and friends together and his love for board games to create a team-based game that anyone can enjoy. Daniel’s unique understanding of how data and human interaction intertwines has allowed him to make a seamless game that captivates all audiences.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Daniel Piche shares the initial inspiration behind his board game
  • How do you create a captivating board game that anyone will want to play?
  • Daniel recalls his design process from ideation to creation 
  • The importance of gathering feedback—and tweaking accordingly—when creating a board game 
  • What is the best time to ask for feedback during the creative process? 
  • Daniel explains the role his family and friends played in making his game better
  • How Daniel’s data visualization skills helped him efficiently and effectively build his game
  • Daniel shares his hopes for the future of his board game

In this episode…

Do you love the excitement and collaboration of board games? Or, does the sight of a game board at a dinner party make you want to pack up early? Almost every gathering will have someone from each end of the spectrum, so the question remains: Is it possible to create a board game that everyone will enjoy? 

This is the question that Daniel Piche sought to answer in 2017 after years of ideation and fine-tuning his board game. Using his data visualization background, Daniel created a game that was easy to play—and even easier to understand. His idea was to create a board game for his friends’ enjoyment, but after huge popularity at conventions, Daniel decided to invite others into the fun. 

Tune in to this episode of Pencil Kings as host Mitch Bowler sits down with Daniel Piche, a data analyst by day and board game creator by night. They discuss the game-making journey from ideation to creation and the important role that feedback plays in the process. Daniel also highlights how he used his data analysis skills to create a board game that was easy to play and understand. Keep listening! 

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