Cartoon Pin Up Girl | 05 |Drawing the Feet, Shading, and Line Work

how to draw a pinup girl sketching the feet

In this lesson, you’ll be drawing the feet and cleaning up your pin-up girl drawing

How to Draw a Pinup Girl: Drawing the Feet

For our next lesson on how to draw a pinup girl, it’s time to tackle the feet! Because they aren’t the easiest thing to draw, it’s a good idea to practice as much as you can to become comfortable how they look from different angles and how they attach to the leg.

Start off by understanding how the foot looks from the side view. The ankle bone falls just below the thinnest part of the leg where it attached to the foot. The foot itself can be represented most simply as the shape of a wedge.

At the end of the wedge remember that there is an important joint at the base of the toes that allows us to move our toes up and down as well as side to side. Just like when you were drawing the hands you will want to draw your character’s toes so that not all of them are pointed in the same direction.

When learning how to draw a pinup girl, it’s a good idea to draw your characters up on their toes, or wearing high heels. This helps emphasize the cuteness of the character and pose.

For the second foot the direction has been changed up. Even though the direction is different you can still construct the foot with the same basic wedge shape, but this one will be facing forward instead of pointing to the side.

The Sweater and Head

After you have finished with the feet – you can go back up and create the line work for her sweater. Remember to follow the contours of the arms and the rest of the body as you are drawing it in.

Once you have your basic lines for the sweater drawn in, you can fill it in with light pencil strokes, and add some basic shading into the body.

Lastly – go back up into the face to tighten up your lines and define the nose. Remember that, when learning how to draw a pinup girl, the more lines that you add to the face the older your character is going to look. With that in mind, create the nose with two simple lines.

Add some additional detail into the eyes, ears and hair like you have learned in previous lessons and your drawing should really be starting to pop.


You’re Almost Done!

In the next lesson on how to draw a pinup girl, you will finish up drawing in the lines, adding in the shading and adding just a touch of color to complete this series!