Cartoon Pin Up Girl | 03 |Focusing on the Face & Clean Up

how to draw pin up girls finished drawing Here’s how the finished cartoon pin-up drawing will look

Focusing on the Face & Clean Up

Start on the Head

Want to learn how to draw pin up girls? Start off with going in and defining the head further. The eyes are really big to help the cuteness factor of the girl. The bottom of the eyes are anchored to the curved eye line drawn horizontally across the face.

At the end of that horizontal line along the side of the face is where you can draw the ear.

If you’ve done much realistic drawing, you’ll notice that this ear is a bit smaller than an anatomically correct character when you compare the height of the eyes to the height of the ear.

When learning how to draw pin up girls, these little changes in proportion help enhance the cartoon effect of the girl that you’re drawing.

In her right hand you can draw a simple hand bag. Try and get the perspective of the bag like you see in the video. It’s just a simple box, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

How to Draw Pin Up Girls: Good Practice

Continue to refine and darken in your lines, or use a blue pencil like in the video, and begin to tighten up the drawing. Notice how the whole image is evolving together at the same time, moving from one part of the body to the next and making sure that everything has about the same level of detail.

When learning how to draw pin up girls, some beginner artists try to finish one whole part of the character at first before moving on to another one.

An example of this would be to completely detail and create all the final line work for the head before moving on to the other parts of the body.

Why this isn’t a good idea is that what you can end up with is a drawing that looks unbalanced because the work you have done on one area most likely will not match the work that you do for another area of the body.

So keep that in mind when you are doing your own drawings.

Finish up this part of the lesson by adding a headband to the head and sketching in some light lines for the hair.

Ready for the Hands?

In the next lesson on how to draw pin up girls, you’re going to jump into drawing one of the things that a lot of people find very difficult – the hands.

You’ve already defined where the hands should be placed on the body, but in the next lesson you’ll go a lot more in depth and learn how to construct the hands in a way that you’ll be able to draw almost any kind of pose for the hands that you can think of.

See you there!