PK 134: Why do YOU make art? Interview With Famous YouTube Artist Stan Prokopenko, aka Proko

PK 134: Why do YOU make art? Interview With Famous YouTube Artist Stan Prokopenko, aka Proko 2 pk 134 why do you make art proko pk podcast

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“Go ahead and do things that you’re interested in but you don’t think are going to get you towards your goal. Just go ahead and do it anyway! You’ll be surprised at how you’re able to incorporate that into your life and into your work.”

~ Stan Prokopenko, aka Proko

To many aspiring artists, Stan Prokopenko, aka Proko, needs no introduction. Already an established artist inn his own right, Proko has built up a huge following on YouTube for his fun and incredibly useful tutorial videos which show people how to draw figures and anatomy.

In this inspiring interview, we discuss the reasons WHY you make art and do our best to tackle any hurdles that might be holding you back.

You’ll hear about Proko’s background as an artist and teacher, and why even an experienced artist like him never ever stops learning. You’ll also hear his thoughts on the future of online education, and how technology could present all kinds of exciting opportunities for artists in the very near future.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, there’s a coupon code at the end of this podcast that gets you 20% off everything on Proko’s site!

Why do YOU make art?

Interview Chapters:



Mitch introduces today’s guest, Stan Prokopenko, who gives a quick overview of his art career and what inspires him.


How Does Proko Help Artists Who Get Stuck?

Proko has attracted a huge following on YouTube thanks to his fun yet detailed art tutorials which help people learn the skills necessary to progress as an artist.

But what are the main sticking points he comes across time and time again? And how can aspiring artists get past these and start getting the results they’re really looking for?

In this chapter, Proko reveals why cross-training is the key to developing your creative skills…and why even he finds himself struggling with what direction to take his art in next.


What is Proko’s Reason Why?

It’s always fascinating to hear an established artist talk about their own creativity. And, in this chapter, Proko reveals the soul-searching he’s had to do as a creative to get the best results from his own art.


What Would Proko’s Advice to his Younger Self be?

Proko has been making and studying art since he was a kid, but what would he do differently if he could go back in time? In this chapter, he looks at his own art journey and reveals some fascinating insights into the areas of art he wishes he’d devoted more time to.


What was Proko’s own art Education Like?

These days, Proko is a highly respected art teacher and educator, but what was his own experience of art school like?

In this chapter, Proko looks back on his school days and reveals how his interest in several different areas helped him develop his own unique style as an artist and inform his teaching methods.


Did Proko Learn Art Purely by Observation?

Some artists learn by drawing from observation, while other draw from their imagination. So how did Proko learn his art skills?

And what advice does he have for people just starting out as artists?


What Can People Learn on Proko’s New Caricature Drawing Course?

Proko’s latest course, a collaboration with artist Court Jones, aims to help aspiring caricature artists achieve a true likeness of their subjects while exaggerating their features as much as possible.

Find out more about the exciting teaching methods used in this course in this chapter.


What Will Art Education Look Like in 5 Years’ Time?

What does the future look like for online art education? In this chapter, Proko talks about recent developments in technology and how innovations such as virtual reality could transform the way we learn art and other subjects.



Where can you find Proko online and take advantage of his special Pencil Kings promo code to get 20% off all his products? You’ll find out in this final chapter…We hope this week’s interview with Proko helps you answer the question: ‘Why do YOU make art?’

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