PK 133: Want to Unlock Your Creativity? Get Reckless! Interview with Clark Huggins, Creator of The Reckless Deck

PK 133: Want to Unlock Your Creativity? Get Reckless! Interview with Clark Huggins, Creator of The Reckless Deck 2 pk 133 unlock your creativity reckless deck pk podcast

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“Reckless Deck basically draws a very manageable box around your creative act, and gives you a real hand-hold to get moving in your sketchbook right away.”

~ Clark Huggins


In this week’s interview, artist and illustrator, Clark Huggins, explains how the idea of Reckless Deck – a card game designed to help fantasy and concept artists create characters more easily – came about.

You’ll discover the complete process behind creating this product, from an initial idea to going into production.

And you’ll also hear how Clark turned a Kickstarter fail into a win through approaching things differently…

How to Unlock Your Creativity: Clark Huggins on Reckless Deck and Kickstarter

Interview Chapters:

00:37 – 02:29


Mitch introduces today’s guest, Clark Huggins, who gives you a quick overview of what Reckless Deck is all about…and how you can use it to help unlock your creativity.

02:53 – 04:31

Why is Reckless Deck Such a Useful Tool for Artists?

Clark has taken Reckless Deck to comic conventions and other events across the US. What’s the response been like from the public and how are artists using it to help them create original characters?

05:20 – 05:50

How can a Humble Deck of Cards Boost Your Creativity?

Why does Reckless Deck help you come up with character ideas so quickly? Clark explains the thinking behind his product in this chapter.

05:58 – 09:37

Where did the Idea to Make Reckless Deck Come From?

The idea of Reckless Deck came about through Clark’s own experiences as an artist and his desire to start working on a new character as quickly as possible. Find out how this project came to life in this chapter.

09:49 – 13:23

What was the First Character Clark Created Using Reckless Deck?

Clark can still remember the first character he created using Reckless Deck. In fact, it’s one he’s revisited many times since! Find out more in this chapter.

13:33 – 20:01

How did Clark Start Developing His Idea?

Reckless Deck began life as a set of index cards Clark made for himself. So how did he develop this idea into a fully-fledged product that people can buy online? You’ll discover all the hard work that went into Clark’s idea (and how long this process took) in this chapter.

20:33 – 21:35

Why Should you Hire a Graphic Designer to Help With Packaging Your Product?

Many artists take it upon themselves to do all the graphic design work on their projects, but this doesn’t always give you the professional look you want for a product and its packaging.

In this chapter, you’ll learn why Clark – despite being fluent in using Photoshop – decided to hand his logo and packaging design over to a specialist.

22:07 – 23:08

How did Clark Find the Right Printing Company to Produce Reckless Deck

Finding the right printer at the right cost can sometimes be difficult. In this chapter, you’ll hear why Clark chose to use a company in China, and why he was overjoyed with the results – especially when an unexpected issue actually added another feature to his project!

24:03 – 32:30

How did Clark Turn a Kickstarter Fail Into a Win?

Clark didn’t have an overnight success when he first tried to launch Reckless Deck on Kickstarter. In fact, he had to go back to the drawing board to find out what makes a project successful and get noticed on this site. Find out how he learned from his mistakes and eventually got successfully funded in this chapter.

33:05 – 34:55

How Can You be The First to Hear About New Reckless Deck Products And Offers?

If you’re excited by Reckless Deck and want to find out more about new releases and special offers, this is one part of the interview you won’t want to miss.

35:48 – 36:57

What is it Really Like to Launch a Product Like Reckless Deck?

It’s easy to listen to Clark talking and imagine the whole process behind making and launching Reckless Deck as being super-easy. But it wasn’t. Discover the reality and hard work behind launching any new product successfully in this chapter.

37:45 – 39:00

How Can Reckless Deck Help You as an Artist?

Reckless Deck has already helped many concept and fantasy artists get past creative block and searching for ideas. Find out how it can help you too in this chapter.

39:01 – 42:37

Find Our About Special Offers and Swag for Pencil Kings Listeners

There are some exciting offers in the bag for anyone who’s interested in finding out more about Pencil Kings and Reckless Deck. Find out how you can get your hands on some cool free stuff and special offers in this chapter.

42:39 – 44:00


Mitch and Clark wrap up their interview and reveal some more exciting things about Reckless Deck.

Here’s what Reckless Deck looks like in action…reckless-deck…and here are some examples of art by Clark Hugginsblacksmith-clark-huggins
Sartorialist-clark-hugginsWe hope this week’s interview with Clark Huggins helps you unlock your creativity!

Have you already got your hands on Reckless Deck? Let us know how it’s helped you in the box below – we’d love to hear your story:-)

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