Sketching on Location | 03 |Speed Sketching Process

speed sketching techniques finished sketch Here is a look at the sketch in this speed sketching techniques tutorial:


Step .01

When learning speed sketching techniques, start by taking what you see and simplifying it, almost like a stick figure drawing. You want a simplified version of your subject and it is easy to build up from that.Step .02

Start drawing in shapes. The head has a sphere on top and a triangle shape down near the jaw.

When you can turn a complex object into two simpler shapes, it is much easier to recall from memory. This is a huge help for overall simplification.

sketch on location male figure

sketching on location drawing different body types

Step .03

Make sure to have perspective in mind by making characters of different sizes. Near = big, far = small. Overlap is another key way to show perspective as well.Step .04

Draw a horizon line, if necessary and match your characters to that to get the accurate scale.

drawing people scaling characters


Step .05

Try to capture pose and gesture primarily. I am not too worried about anything else. Do not get caught up in the technical aspects, keep it loose.Step .06

If you are too focused on ‘construction’ elements or drawing ‘correctly’, it often works against you. When learning speed sketching techniques, look at the overall picture and try to focus on the general scene.

how to speed sketch female figures

draw people seated figure

Step .07

Sketching on location is great practice because it forces you to simplify. You don’t have time to waste, you must get the drawing down before it is too late. Those uncontrolled environments are great for developing speed and accuracy.Step .08

Add the rest of your characters into the scene. When you’re learning speed sketching techniques, the quicker you add them, the better.

how to draw figures female character

drawing children speed sketch

Step .09

With this kid, you’ll see how to get the shapes down very quickly. Even the experienced can sometimes get caught up with the details more than they want to.

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