PK 215: The 4 Life Stages When People Get Serious About Their Art

Mitch BowlerMitch Bowler is the founder of Pencil Kings and the co-founder of Evolve Artist. He has worked with countless companies, including Pixar, Marvel, Dungeons & Dragons, Activision, and more. As a former 3D technical artist, Mitch has gone through the ups and downs of honing his craft, which is why he decided to revolutionize the way that art is taught. Both of his companies offer professional instruction and hands-on support from real artists in order to help creatives around the world take their work to the next level.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • At what life stage do most artists, including Mitch Bowler, become serious about their art?
  • Why artists should learn new techniques to further upgrade their skills in the second “working” stage of life
  • How to find a work/life balance in order to make time for your art
  • Mitch talks about the impact of art on a person’s overall happiness and mental health
  • How Mitch’s companies connect people from across the world using the one thing they all have in common: art

In this episode…

As you stumble through life, you tend to realize your calling along the way. However, for many artists, this calling is often pushed to the side due to a lack of time, money, or support. Now, one question remains: Can you still be an artist without a degree from an art school? 

According to artist and entrepreneur Mitch Bowler, the answer is yes! It’s never too late to study art, no matter how old you are. In fact, Mitch has found that there are four distinct life stages when most artists begin to take their craft seriously. With his companies, Pencil Kings and Evolve Artist, Mitch is helping artists in any stage get the skills and support they need to take their art to the next level. 

In this week’s episode of the Pencil Kings podcast, John Corcoran of Rise25 Media interviews host Mitch Bowler about why it’s never too late to start taking your art seriously. Mitch talks about the four stages of life when most artists take that next step, paying homage to his journey along the way. So what are you waiting for? Join this growing community of artists today!

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