PK 195: Living a Fully Creative Life with Derek Rodenbeck

PK 195: Living a Fully Creative Life with Derek Rodenbeck 2 195 Derek Rodenbeck

Ever since meeting Derek I’ve been fascinated by his lifestyle and willingness to explore, discover and continually reinvent himself.

As a comic book creator, father, photographer, traveler, bodybuilder… there’s just so many different interesting angles and I always love keeping up to hear what Derek has been up to recently.


6:07 – Derek catches us up on what’s been going on since the last time we talked when he had just left on a road trip to ‘be more one with nature’

14:10 – Travelling through Death Valley and rescuing someone from a burning truck

16:44 – Earning an income while on the road and being ‘irresponsible’ while having the trip of a lifetime

18:40 – How traveling together can test and grow your relationship

20:18 – Making money with Pokemon Go and how that experience taught him that money isn’t everything, and how Derek is making money now on Craigslist

27:02 – What happened after the trip, and how Derek is finding creative fulfillment through Photography after so many years spent working as a comic book creator

36:25 – As someone who was interested in and working on comics before, and knowing what you know now, what would you tell your former self about comic books specifically?

41:10 – Advice to wannabe comic creators

43:57 – Pivoting and creating new creative projects to stay inspired

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