PK 196: Marketing for Artists with Cindy Hohman

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Cindy Hohman from helps artists market and sell their work by showing them how to be effective and efficient with marketing and empowering them to take the reins themselves. In addition to working with artists one on one she also teaches marketing at the university level.


Cindy works with a large range of artists from abstract artists to those working in illustration and photography.


3:30 - How does your marketing advice apply to artists in different markets?

6:47 - A lot of skills in life come down to 10% learning and 90% doing, but have you found this also to be true when it comes to marketing?

09:20 - Using strategy, so you're not spinning your wheels and doing things that feel icky

11:10 - How to help artists through the paralyzing fear of having too many options

15:04 - Discussing the size of the artist's audience and how that can affect (or not) the ideas of bringing new projects and products to market

17:05 - How to start building an audience (both with and without social media)

25:17 - The main way Cindy works with and helps artists... by getting them to do the things they know they should, but are procrastinating on

31:40 - Exploring the idea of the artist mindset

34:25 - Who are the right types of artists to work with Cindy to help improve their marketing?

35:52 - How can artists stand out and have their work be seen?

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