Thanks to the 963 Artists Who Took Part in This Summer’s Pencil Kings Figure Drawing Challenge

Thanks to the 963 Artists Who Took Part in This Summer's Pencil Kings Figure Drawing Challenge 2 PK FDC infographic 1200

Wow. Just wow. Your work for this summer’s Pencil Kings Figure Drawing Challenge just blew us away. This challenge was our biggest yet, with 963 artists from all over the world taking part and improving their figure drawing skills through a series of 20 days of video lessons and homework.

Under the expert tuition of Sycra Yasin and Diane Kraus, you guys learned how to pose your characters, create dynamic compositions and master anatomy and proportion. In short, you guys rocked it!

As our way of saying thanks, we’ve got some extra goodies for you! For starters, here’s a funky infographic we put together to give you an overview of how this summer’s challenge panned out:


Are you up to the challenge? Hop on over to the Figure Drawing Challenge signup page to get more info and get started with your own challenge today!

Here’s What You’ll Get For Just $47:

All Lesson Videos.

That’s 3 Hours and 7 Minutes of Intense Figure Drawing Training! We’ve also made the videos even easier for you to watch by combining the videos from each week together.

All Homework & Drawing Exercises.

The homework is now all combined into one single PDF which makes it super easy to print out and follow along with the videos.

Coaching Call Downloads.

That’s 7 Hours and 53 Minutes of Live Calls with Sycra Yasin, Satchel Winn & Mitch Bowler! If you missed any of the coaching calls, they were each jam-packed with great information, not only in relation to common challenges that people had, but also with extremely useful tips on being a better artist, how to practice beyond the challenge and so much more.

But That’s Not All. You’ll Also Get These Extra Goodies:

MP3 Audio Recordings of All Coaching Calls.

These make for excellent listening while you’re on the go, in the car, or at the gym so it’s easier to get all of the wisdom without needing to be stuck watching your computer.

Printable Study Calendar.

There’s a nice little calendar that you can print out, hang up on your wall and check off the days as you get through the challenge.