Painting a Pin Up | 04 |Painting Tonal Values


Selecting Color on the Fly!

For the next part of our course, we’re going to concentrate on painting tonal values.So, let’s continue working on the skin tone. Notice that the color is constantly being selected and changed by holding down the ALT key.At the same time, we’re using the brush tool with the eyedropper tool to select colors on the fly.

Now that some of the basic tones have been laid out it’s much quicker to work this way, instead of going and manually selecting colors as was shown in the earlier videos.

Coloring her Top and Shorts

Color the top white, and then grab a navy blue for the shorts.

After applying color to the shorts themselves, you can go in and once again adjust the color of the line work around the drawing.painting-pin-up-girls-clothingNow we’ll grab a slightly darker color to work on the shading on the shorts.painting-pin-ups-legs

Adding More Highlights

Add some more shininess to the legs. Here’s where your study of anatomy will help you know which areas to apply more shine to.For example, notice how the bone that’s running down from the knee to the ankle that will naturally catch the light as well as on the knees.

Coloring the Lines for the Clothing

Color the black lines of the clothes with a light blue and then apply the same treatment to the cap and the gloves.


Why blue? Well, with the blue background that will eventually be turned into a blue sky and with the white color for the main cloth area, the darker blue line work will naturally pick up the reflection of the sky and take on that color.

Remember to zoom in and out of your work so that you can get a sense of how the overall drawing is progressing as you work on all the parts. Resist the urge to go in and put too much time into detail work at this stage.

Things are really starting to come together.painting-a-pin-up-shoes

Coloring the Shoes

Use the same technique that you’ve been using for the other areas and color the shoes in blue first.Then, add some highlights and shadow, and then finish them off by adjusting the color of the line work.

Add Some Shading to Her Top and Hands

To finish off this lesson on painting tonal values, grab a light blue color and start to apply some shading onto her clothes and a look at the example image for closer detail of the hands.Go to the Painting a Pin Up Video Course page