PK 142: Why Drawing With Force may be the Most Rewarding way to Learn Figure Drawing. Interview With Mike Mattesi

PK 142: Why Drawing With Force may be the Most Rewarding way to Learn Figure Drawing. Interview With Mike Mattesi 2 pk 142 learn figure drawing drawing force pencil kings podcast

Are you looking for a way to learn figure drawing but have been put off in the past by scary math formulas and endless anatomy diagrams? In this interview, artist Mike Mattesi explains why Drawing Force might be the most exciting way for new and more experienced artists to learn.

“What I’ve learned from drawing forcefully isn’t just the act of learning how to draw. It’s actually more about how to think.”

~ Mike Mattesi

Are you looking for a way to learn figure drawing…

mike-mattesibut have been put off in the past by scary math formulas and endless anatomy diagrams?

Or perhaps you’re just looking for a way to put the fun back into drawing and create sketches full of life and action?

As a teacher with more than 20 years’ experience, Mike Mattesi has seen the struggles aspiring artists go through and the hurdles they face.

And that’s why he developed Drawing With Force – his own unique method of drawing figures which captures all the dynamism of the human body…without getting all bogged down in the science and technical stuff.

So, if you’ve been looking for a way to capture movement and form using just the power and beauty of line, we think you’ll find this week’s interview super interesting…

And the best part? You won’t need anything more than the cheapest art materials you can find to get started!

Learn Figure Drawing With Force

Interview Chapters:


Introduction and Overview

Your host, Mitch Bowler, introduces today’s guest, Mike Mattesi, who gives you an overview of his career as an artist, tutor and senior art director at Zynga games.

You’ll also find out what Mike decided to develop his Drawing Force method to help other artists.


How did Mike Mattesi Develop his Drawing Force Method and get it Published?

Mike Mattesi launched his Drawing Force method 10 years ago, but how did he develop this unique way to learn figure drawing and make it accessible to artists of all abilities?

In this chapter, you’ll learn about how his book came to be published…and the impact it’s had upon the lives of artists and art education ever since.


How is Drawing With Force Different to Other Figure Drawing Methods?

Drawing with force is very different to many other figure drawing methods you may have seen.

In this chapter, Mike explains what excites him about drawing figures this way…and why using these techniques can really help you understand how the human body works.


Why Mike Believes Making Art Should Always be Fun

One of the key elements of the Drawing Force technique is having fun. In his many years of teaching, Mike has observed that students learn best when they feel truly engaged in a subject, so that’s exactly what he decided to incorporate in his own techniques.


How Can Drawing With Force Help Animation or Concept Artists?

Mike’s Drawing Force methods may seem like they come from a strictly fine art background, but these techniques actually work really well for artists working in all kinds of industries.

In this chapter, Mike explains why teaching his students these techniques has helped them go on to have rewarding careers as concept artists, animators, and many more roles.


What do you Need to get Started Using the Drawing Force Method?

Unlike some art programs, you don’t need expensive materials to get started with the Drawing Force method.

In fact, all you need is a soft, stubby pencil and cheap newsprint paper!

In this chapter, Mike explains why he feels the cost of materials is a real issue for many beginner artists, and why he’s committed to making art accessible to all.


Why Mike Mattesi Still Loves Figure Drawing More Than Anything Else

Despite having taught for more than 20 years and worked at some of the biggest art and gaming studios, Mike still loves drawing figures more than anything else.

So what is it about life drawing that really gets him excited? And how can you take the first steps towards getting that same sense of excitement from making art?

Also in this chapter, you’ll hear how to take advantage of Mike’s exclusive discount for listeners to the Pencil Kings podcast!


Where to Find Mike Online and Learn More About Drawing Force

Mitch wraps up today’s interview by letting you know where to find Mike online and learn more about his Drawing Force program.

You’ll also hear about Evolve – an exciting new art program which you can sign up to and get early access!

We hope this week’s interview with Mike Mattesi has inspired you to learn figure drawing and explore just how much fun you can have by drawing with force!

Don’t forget to take advantage of Mike’s special discount code for all listeners of the Pencil Kings podcast…

Just type in ‘pencilkings’ on the checkout page to get one month’s access for just $15 (a saving of 25% off the regular price of $20!)

What do you love most about figure drawing?

Share your story in the comments section below – we’d love to hear from you!

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