PK 213: Insights From a Rich Life as an Artist

James GurneyJames Gurney is an artist and author best known for his painting guide, Color and Light, and his illustrated series, Dinotopia. James is also a popular lecturer at art schools, movie studios, and game companies, where he teaches his unique painting and illustration techniques. His artwork has been exhibited at renowned venues including The Smithsonian Institution, The Norman Rockwell Museum, and The Norton Museum of Art.
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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • James Gurney talks about why he started his daily art blog, Gurney Journey
  • Mitch and James discuss the power of audio when creating artistic content
  • How to overcome the constraints of “artist overwhelm”
  • The differences between digital and traditional art
  • How James discovered the answer to the question: what is the eye most attracted to in a work of art?
  • The importance of challenging commonly held ideas and allowing students to form their own opinions
  • How will technology change art in the foreseeable future?
  • James’ advice to people looking to start a career in art

In this episode…

Art is a process of self-realization, and with emerging techniques and technology, this process is always changing. According to author and artist James Gurney, in order for artists to continue to evolve with the industry, they must have the space to experiment, ask questions, and form their own ideas. Throughout his long and successful career as an artist, James has created many of his own experiments in order to pioneer new ideas and techniques. This has allowed him to break barriers and leap past the constraints of the traditional art world. By asking questions and seeking results using new technology, James has made influential discoveries about how everything from color palettes to subject matter affect a work of art. In this episode of the Pencil Kings podcast, host Mitch Bowler interviews James Gurney, author and illustrator of Color and Light and Dinotopia, about his journey as an artist and the discoveries he has made along the way. Tune in as James discusses the importance of questioning traditional art concepts, the unique differences between digital and traditional art, and how emerging technology will change the art world as we know it.

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