Drawing Hands and Feet | 03 |How to Draw Hand Poses

How to Draw Hand Poses

how to draw hand poses rough sketches

Beginner’s Mistakes: Symmetrical Ovals

Want to learn how to draw hand poses?

Many artists struggle to draw fingers and hands, so learning how to draw hand poses is a really useful skill. One common mistake is the sausage fingers gripping an object.

Four perfectly symmetrical ovals side by side is very easy to draw but it doesn’t look like a real hand. When drawing hand poses, such as gripping an object or pointing at the viewer, you want to give the viewer a sense of depth and realism.

drawing hand poses oval shape


More Symmetry

As you learn more about how to draw hand poses, you’ll begin to show greater detail in your drawings.

Here you can see a hand gripping a tube, and the tube has been given some surface direction, but the fingers are still a uniform shape.

Each finger should have its own size, shape and personality. Don’t forget to pay attention to the parallel lines used to display the forearm. This is another detail that you can improve upon.

draw realistic hands hand gripping pole

Everything is Rooted in Construction

As you are learning how to draw hand poses, try to imagine the structure of your subject behind the object. A better understanding of the structure as a whole will lead to greater realism.

In this example, try to picture the structure of the wrist behind the tube.

Looking at these fingers, notice the smaller size of the pinkie and how the middle and ring fingers stay close together. Each finger is drawn on its own, rather than one uniform piece that looks like it belongs to a Lego man!

If you are struggling with a drawing like this, try changing the angle by turning the picture sideways. Sometimes a new perspective can help you overcome difficulties.

how to draw a hand adding shading



Shading your drawings is a great way to show the surface of objects. For hand poses such as this one, the shading around the fingers and the underside of the object will add depth.

And that’s it for this tutorial on how to draw hand poses. We can’t wait to see the drawings you guys come up with!