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drawing hands and feet hand pushing down on surface

Drawing Hands and Feet: Drawing Hands Pushing on a Surface

Ready to learn about drawing hands and feet?

When drawing hands on a surface, inexperienced artists will often show the hand perfectly flat, the entire surface of the palm and the fingers pressed down.

This leads to a very flat appearance which is not particularly interesting to look at. You only see one flat edge and there is so much more to a hand.

Pushing on the Heels

When you push down on a surface with your hands rarely do you push with your entire hand flat against the surface.

When learning about drawing hands and feet, remember that most of the weight will be on your heels and your finger tips.

draw hands and feet fingertips

Referring to anatomy books and how bones are structured when learning about drawing hands and feet can really help here.

It’ll lead to a greater understanding of how the different joints and knuckles in a hand work. In this drawing, pay attention to the first knuckle on the index finger.

Notice how it is raised as the hand presses onto a surface. Again, different parts of the hand will be pressing with different amounts of force.

You might want to draw one finger really buckling with pressure while the other four are relaxed.

draw realistic hands fingernails


When you are drawing fingernails, changing the perspective of the sketch can be of great assistance.In this photo, notice the thumb laying on its side and how the fingernail contributes to our understanding of the thumb’s position.

Likewise with the remaining four fingers, you can see the index finger here is really pressing down, so the front of the finger tip is showing more.

The middle and ring fingers are not pressing as hard and as a result the fingernails are titled forward and you don’t see the finger tips as much.

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