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In this lesson you’ll learn how to draw hair on the surface of the head. This is an important lesson to learn because it’s going to drive home the point that the hair is sitting on top of the skull underneath.


Bad Hair Drawing Examples

The above two heads have some obvious problems with the hair. The reason why these problems arose was that the hair was drawn without first creating the underlying skull shape and using some basic proportions to determine its size.

The example on the right is more extreme to show this point more clearly, but it’s often in the three quarter view that you will run into problems when drawing the hair.

howtodrawhair01Here’s another view of the same hair drawing problem where you can see that the hair has completely chopped off where the top of the head should be. In the next image you can see that the hair has been redrawn to accommodate for the shape of the skull underneath.


Understanding How to Draw Hair

In this image you can see that the boy on the right has been reworked, and with the full size of the underlying skull, the hair drawing looks a lot more natural.

On the boy on the left, the problem was a little less obvious, but the hair on the side of his face was getting very close to the skull and almost penetrating inside of the skull. You can see the dark curved line along the top of his head and how the hair needs to be adjusted in relation to it.


Here’s another example showing how to draw hair by first creating in the underlying skull and then laying the hair on top of that to make sure that the back of the head is represented correctly.

In the next how to draw hair lesson you’re going to learn about drawing in the hairline.


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