Face Drawing Proportions | 04 |Mouth, Eyebrows and Hair

Mouth, Eyebrows and Hair

You’re almost finished learning about the drawing proportions of the face. This final lesson will put the last missing features on the face and show you how to add the mouth, eyebrows and hair.




Placing the Mouth

To get the placement of the mouth you can go with the guideline that you previously drew that is half of the distance between the nose and the chin. One alternate method of placing the mouth is to divide that lower section into thirds and place the mouth on the upper third closest to the nose.

To get the width of the mouth you can take the center point of the eye and drop a line down. When you are drawing your mouth remember to add a slight curve to it to help show the roundness of the face and don’t forget to add a little shading in on the corners of the mouth.





When drawing the female mouth, you can place the mouth slightly lower in order to make room for the larger lips to be drawn on the mouth. You can follow along with the video to see examples of drawing in the mouth in proportion on the three quarter view head.


Adding the Eyebrows and Hairline

Because you drew in the eye sockets in the last step it should be quite easy to get the placement of the eyebrows. If you need additional information on drawing eyebrows you can watch the lesson on how to draw eyebrows.

The last feature to add on your character is the hair. To get it’s placement just follow the hairline you created earlier and then have it flow along the skull down just in front of the ear. Of course, there are millions of different hair styles out there, but remember that the hair line will always follow the contour of the skull and this should give you an excellent starting point for creating any kind of hair that you would like.

We really hope that you learned a lot in this lesson series. Please leave any comments that you have about it below! We wish you all the best with your art and hope that this fundamentals of the face drawing series has allowed you to make some major leaps in your figure drawing.


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