Pin Up Sailor Girl | 07 |Drawing the Hairstyle

how to draw hairstyles pin up sailor girl sketch

How to Draw Hairstyles: Start With Good Reference

Before you start learning how to draw hairstyles – especially if you’ve never drawn that particular style of hair before – it’s a good idea to spend at least a few minutes getting some good reference either online or from a magazine.

The hairstyle that LaurieB! has chosen for this sailor girl is a shorter, more traditional hairstyle with a lot of curl and body.

Detailing The Eyes

After you have finished learning how to draw hairstyles, it’s time to add more detail to the eyes. Look at the big individual lashes along the upper eyelid.


Work on the pupils and the colored area (the iris) surrounding them.

While you are detailing the features of the head make sure that you are also taking time to adjust the areas around the head like the shoulders so as to keep the line-work consistent over the entire drawing.

When you take a complex shape like this and break it down to its most basic parts, it becomes much easier to draw.


Polishing The Hands

Pay really close attention to the hands. These are going to be one of the key parts of the drawing and they have to look really great.If you’re having trouble drawing the hands – just take a minute or two to really study each finger in the image here.

Look at how the thickness of the finger changes and how each individual line looks all on its own.

Finishing Your Pin up Sailor Girl

When you’re all done take a moment to look over your work.

See if there are any details, you will want to sharpen or enhance.


We hope you’ve learned a lot about how to draw hairstyles from this tutorial.

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