PK 181: Evolve Artist Update and Review… 2 Years After the Original Idea

PK 181: Evolve Artist Update and Review… 2 Years After the Original Idea 2 PK Podcast 181 Evolve Artist Update 750x440 1

This Evolve Artist review and update will get you up to speed with everything that has happened since they very first students began in the program.

A little over two years ago the original idea for the Evolve Artist program was first discussed. It took a long time to go from the initial idea of taking the proven art curriculum Kevin was using in his school to getting the knowledge online and everything ready so it could be delivered into the hands of students anywhere in the world.

It’s now been a little bit over a year since the very first students have started and they are now moving into learning the same techniques that Kevin possessed at the height of his illustration career.

There were a lot of challenges to get over, especially in the beginning and the good news is the results of the home students are getting are every bit as good as the students inside Kevin’s brick-and-mortar school.

The Evolve Artist program is special is because it’s blending experience (the amount of time students take to complete their assignments) together with knowledge, (the actual videos that students watch). It’s only when these two components come together in the right amounts that students are able to move quickly, but at the same time build the confidence to fully own their journey as they develop as artists.

In a nutshell this means that as the students progress through the program they will become stronger until they will be able to take what they know and create anything they want, without any limitations.

In this interview Kevin and Mitch sit down and talk about everything they’ve learned in the past year as well as the results the current students are seeing. They also talk about the special materials from Old Holland that are used in the program and why these are so important for the development of the students.

As you’ll see in the video, both of the program creators are extremely excited about the consistent results the Evolve Artist students are receiving and what this means for art education in general. Really, this is just the beginning of a much broader movement to bring technical mastery to anyone in the world that wants to learn it both quickly and affordably – even if they are starting right from the beginning.

It is going to be extremely exciting watching the further development of this program and seeing the amazing results of the students are able to achieve as they continue through the program.  We can’t wait for a follow up Evolve Artist review to see just how far the students can push the program!


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