Drawing a Caricature | 04 | Final Details

Draw Caricatures: Quick Fixing the Eyes and Other Parts of the Face

draw caricatures fixing the eyes

This technique has been used in other parts of this lesson series on how to draw caricatures, but it’s worth having its own bullet point here.

You can use the lasso tool to select a part of the face that you want to move or adjust the shape on, and then use the shortcut key CTRL + TAlternatively, use Edit > Free Transform from the menu in Photoshop. Other tools most likely have this same capability, but it may be named differently.

When learning to draw caricatures, another very useful function once you have made your selection is the warp tool, which is accessible through the Edit > Transform > Warp menu item.

The warp tool will let you quickly and easily adjust the shape of things beyond the scale, rotate and skew options available with the Free Transform tool.[one_half]

Cropping Your Image

In order to draw in the body, we’re going to need a little bit more room in the image below the head. To do this you can hit “C” to bring up the crop tool, select the whole document area and then drag the bounding box larger than the original document just like show in the example image.

Alternatively you can access the crop tool by going to Image > Crop from the Photoshop menu.[/one_half][one_half_last]

caricature drawing composition

[/one_half_last]Another way to do this is to go to Image > Canvas Size, and then making the document taller.

It’s quicker and easier to use the crop tool however because it will let you work visually instead of manually punching in numbers into the Canvas Size Tool.drawing caricatures final drawing

The Final Image

Here’s how our caricature image turned out. Notice that we didn’t spend nearly as much time working on the clothes as we did working on the face, and that’s simply because the face is naturally the most important part of any caricature.

We hope this article has helped you learn to draw caricatures that you’ll be more than happy with.

Be sure to join us for the next series, where you’ll be diving into doing the painting of this caricature.