Digital Painting | 05 |Separating the Head & Background

digital painting tips finished painting

Separating the Head

In our next instalment of digital painting tips, you’ll be breaking the head apart from the background and setting a nice edge along the head for future work.

While you are cutting the head away from the background keep in mind the silhouette of your character and take time to make it as interesting as possible.

Here in the video you can see Mark taking a little extra time to define the outer edge of the checkered clothing to enhance the hand-stitched look of.

digital painting tutorial adding shadow

Digital Painting Tips: Adding Shadow

After you have separated the head from the background you can go in and add another layer of shadow into the drawing.

This is probably one of the digital painting tips you’ll want to use time and time again in your art.

Remember to keep things separated on different layers to make it easier to switch between painting different areas.

photoshop digital painting tutorial adding background

Adding to the Background

Now that the king has been cut away from the background, you can go back in and create some of the background elements to make it more interesting.

This is a very organic process and lends itself nicely to breaking away from the painting looking too digital.

We hope our digital painting tips have helped you get started. Why not let us know how you’re getting on in the box below?