How to Draw Hair That Looks Incredibly Realistic

Learn How to Draw Hair on Your Characters
That Flows Naturally and Fits on the Skull








Sycra Yasin


Want to learn how to draw hair that flows naturally from the head, comes from a perfectly placed hairline, and has beautiful shading with a healthy shine to it?

You will be covering all of that in this online drawing course from Pencil Kings instructor Sycra Yasin.

A common problem that you may have run into is that when you draw the hair it just doesn’t seem to fit right on the head. It’s almost as if when you add the hair then the whole face starts to lose its proportion. In the first lesson we will show you exactly why this happens and how you can avoid this with your own hair drawing.

After that you’ll learn how to overcome another beginner mistake that’s often made regarding the hairline. The hair comes out of the skull with thousands of individual pieces of hair, and your drawing needs to take this into account. Many beginners will make the mistake of drawing a hard, solid line for the hairline, but you’ll learn how to overcome this with a more natural and realistic method.

Next, you’re going to go back to what you started to learn in the first video, so that you can begin drawing hair that flows along the surface of the head. This knowledge is essential for drawing long hair styles.

The last thing you’re going to learn about how to draw hair is how to light and shade your hair. It’s really easy to get beautiful, believable shading on your hair and we’re going to show you exactly how to do it.

Main Takeaways from this Course:

  • How to draw hair that flows perfectly along the shape of the head
  • Create a nice, soft natural looking hairline
  • How to draw long and short hairstyles
  • Adding shading and texture to your hair to give it a perfect shine

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