Face Drawing Proportions for Perfect Portraits

Make a Breakthrough with Your Drawing by Understanding Face Drawing Proportions








Sycra Yasin


Are you looking for a simple to follow system for face drawing proportions that will give you naturally balanced faces every time you draw a head? Pencil Kings instructor Sycra Yasin is going to guide you through our very easy to understand way to approach facial drawing proportions. Even if you are a complete beginner you’ll begin to understand just how easy it is to draw great looking faces in just a few minutes.

Understanding basic proportions is one of the most important things that you can do to improve your face drawing. If you’ve tried drawing faces, portraits or even cartoon characters and just couldn’t quite put your finger on why you weren’t able to get the results you were aiming for, chances are that your proportions were off. You can literally have all of the knowledge and skill that you need to draw amazing faces, but in order to unlock all of that talent you need a simple to follow system for face drawing proportions to bring it all together.

So, if you are ready to learn the secret recipe for easily drawing great looking faces that are in perfect proportion, you’ve come to the right place! By the time you are done with these video lessons you will see a major improvement in your drawing, and the best part is that the system we use is so easy to understand that you’ll be able to quickly grasp everything that we’re teaching and then with just a little bit of practice you’ll be drawing perfect heads in no time!

Main Takeaways from this Course:

  • How to break the head down into simple measurements so everything fits together properly
  • Understanding the head as a three dimensional object
  • A Simple way to draw the head from any angle
  • How to place the features of the face in the right spot, with the right size, every time

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