PK 233: Redefine Your Creative Career

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Terri Rodriguez-Hong is a UX/UI designer and a UX/UI Tutor at CareerFoundry. In her position as a UX/UI designer, Terri hopes to bridge the gap between products to be accessible by all users. She received her MFA from the University of Hawaii and is currently working on her master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction. Outside of her passion for UX/UI, Terri is an avid Muay Thai boxer, a volleyball fan, and the co-host of the Ramblings of a Designer podcast.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Terri Rodriguez-Hong’s advice for artists interested in pursuing a career in UX/UI 
  • How Terri advanced her skills to achieve a position as a UX/UI designer
  • Learning to be consistent and accountable when working toward your goals 
  • Terri talks about making time and space to be productive throughout the week
  • The moment that caused Terri to change her career path
  • How Terri helps people “rip off the bandaid”
  • Terri shares her reason for joining the podcast: to improve her speaking skills

In this episode…

What happens when you blend a passion for art and user experience? While many artists base their success on commissions and reputation, there may be a more fulfilling path. 

UX/UI is the combination of design, art, and user experience that bridges the gap between a product and its user. Terri Rodriguez-Hong made the leap into the UX/UI world four years ago—and she hasn’t looked back since. With her fine art and visual design background, she brings a unique perspective to her role as a UX/UI designer. So, what is Terri’s advice to fellow artists looking to create a career in the sweet spot between art and user experience? 

In this week’s episode of Pencil Kings, host Mitch Bowler sits down with UX/UI Designer, Terri Rodriguez-Hong. Terri recalls what gave her the push to transition from visual design to UX/UI, how she navigated the interview process, and why the most important investment you can make is in yourself. She also shares her tips for building industry connections and starting your journey in UX/UI. Stay tuned!

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