Sketching on Location | 02 | Sketch Artist Interview Pt 2

drawing on location final sketch

Here is a look at the second part of our warm up sketch in this drawing on location series

sketching on location rough sketch

Step .01

For the next part of our drawing on location tutorial, we will continue with our loose warm up. It does not have to look perfect. The goal here is to work fast and fluid, not to be 100% accurate. Observe your subject and try to create a loose shape of the key areas to create their form.

Step .02

With just a few key strokes, you have her outlined already and resembling a lady looking down at an item.



Step .03

By this stage in our drawing on location lesson, the girl is quite obvious in our piece.

Step .04

Lets move onto the other girl beside her. We are trying to capture the essence of her and not exactly what you see. You are trying to really simplify the drawing.



Step .05

Sketching is not about being ‘exact’. It is almost closer to a caricature of a person and you can take liberties where you see appropriate. The main goal is to get the “big idea” down above all else.

Step .06

Here is the girl completed for this stage.



Step .07

Lets move onto another character. Try to capture his pose, where his is in the environment and how he relates to the others in the scene.

Step .08

Now add his girlfriend to the composition. Notice the relationship between them and try to capture them as best you can.

Quite often there is many elements to observe to any scene so it is your job as an artist to capture the most interesting elements.


That is part of our role as storytellers, we have the ability to tell a story with our illustrations.


Step .09

Continue on to add the other characters that you see. Always be on the look out for the most interesting person, pose or story telling element when drawing on location.

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